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274:218! Trump won the U.S. presidential election coverage of the latest 14:41 news! Trump won the U.S. presidential election Trump won enough electoral votes (270 votes), will become president of the United States 14:40 Phoenix TV screenshot 14:20foxnews13:25foxnews13:39 according to CBS, the Wisconsin election stalemate, toss. The FOX is the only one to predict Trump won the Wisconsin media. 12:39foxnews12:50 Arizona election stalemate, the state has 11 electoral votes for swing state. (NBC) 12:34 Trump won Georgia, the state has 16 electoral votes, the state is the key swing state. (The Associated Press) 12:34fox live according to fox, Trump 238vs 20912:3212:24 Trump 222vs 209 Times Square fox big screen 12:14 real time statistics 12:14 win North Carolina,,. 12:06 statistics 12:02 Trump is expected to win Idaho, the state has 4 electoral votes. (CBS) Trump is expected to win Utah, which has 6 electoral votes. (FOX) 11:53 The Associated Press: Trump wins the election the key swing state of Florida 12:0311:55 Trump 197vs Hilary 131 Phoenix 11:51 [Trump won Florida! According to The Associated Press, Trump won the state of Florida, the electoral votes in the leading edge of the expansion, the state has 29 electoral votes for the key swing states. 11:5111:30 Trump 168vs 131 votes figure 11:27 is expected to win the state of Colorado, the state has 9 electoral votes, the state of swing for the state of the state of the United States. (FOX) 11:20 [Trump wins Ohio! According to several media reports, Trump won Ohio, the state has 18 electoral votes for the key swing state. 11:09 Trump 150vs Hilary 122 votes statistics figure 11:03 Trump 140vs Hilary 109 votes statistics figure 11:00 Trump 140vs Hilary 104 votes to chart local time on November 8th, the United States Virginia swing state voters in the 2016 presidential election at a polling station in Alexandria. The picture shows voters cast their ballots. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuran photo original title: U.S. presidential election: Trump 137:104 leading the swing state of anxiety in new network on 9 November Xinhua comprehensive foreign media news, the U.S. presidential election in local time 8 days ushered in the day of the vote, the U.S. media have been released according to the results of the poll statistics. Currently, Trump won 137 electoral votes, ahead of Hilary’s 104. In Florida, including a number of swing states of Ohio, North Carolina, the anxious, temporarily unable to publish the results. The Associated Press, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and other media announced that, at present, Trump won 137 electoral votes, ahead of the 104 of the Hilary.相关的主题文章: