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The integration of the two General Assembly held 2016 Chinese –IT– Chinese people.com.cn manufacturing and Internet fusion development alliance opening ceremony in beijing. People’s daily   (August) 26, Beijing (Yang Bo), the integration of China’s two conference was held at the Beijing National Convention Center on on August 26th -27. The Ministry of industry and information technology related to leadership, a number of Chinese Academy of engineering, and representatives from the business community, to promote the integration of the two work carried out in-depth discussion, the guests share the typical experience and the practice of the manufacturing industry and the Internet cross-border integration, innovation and development of the new path of fusion research, suggestions on speeding up the construction of manufacturing power on. Today morning, Vice Minister of industry and information technology Huai Jinpeng attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the NPC Standing Committee, the financial and economic committee vice chairman, vice chairman of the Central Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association Gu Shengzu explain the connotation of the supply side structural reform and the key points in the general assembly. Ministry of information technology and Software Services Secretary Xie Shaofeng on the development of manufacturing and Internet integration policy interpretation. Academician of the Academy of engineering, China China Internet association Wu Hequan, academician of the Academy of Engineering China Wu Cheng, respectively "manufacturing industry and Internet integration development trend and path", "the depth of integration of the two" understanding "keynote speech. The opening ceremony was also held in the China manufacturing industry and Internet integration development alliance opening ceremony, by the Union Ministry of Electronic Science and Technology Information Institute of the United China Information Communication Research Institute, China Electronics Standardization Institute, electronic product reliability and Environmental Testing Research Institute, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, China, China Steel Group UFIDA group, network Polytron Technologies Inc and other units will focus on manufacturing industry initiated the formation of new elements, new models, new formats, new mechanism, to further promote the manufacturing industry and the Internet in the development of ideas, technology, production and service mode of the full integration and coordinated development, build political research collaborative innovation platform, ecological model build system of manufacturing industry and the integration of the development of the internet. On the two day of the meeting, supervision departments, all experts and business representatives, the latest policy and macro trend, manufacturing mode and experience, Internet business transformation and practice path and other issues were discussed in depth, covering the topic of intelligent plant integration of the two visual operations management, manufacturing and the combination of the new pattern, frontier, Handle technology in large state-owned enterprises, the "double" mode of sharing the current hot. The meeting also officially released the 2016 Chinese integration of the two series of reports and outstanding achievements, including the integration of the two Chinese development map data (2016), China Internet business transformation and development report (2016), large enterprises in key areas of management "overview (2016), Chinese industry e-commerce development report (2016), the integration of the two management system standards implementation assessment report results (2016). And announced the 2016 annual integration of outstanding contribution award, the integration of Innovative Practice Award of the year two, the integration of the 2016 year of the ten leaders of the year, the year of, the outstanding integration of the two representatives of the management of the year, the 2016 of the two in the year of the year (2016) in the year of two相关的主题文章: