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"2" Wu Xin the monster killer sugar starring role in fixing the mysterious appearance of Tencent by Penguin entertainment news television, video Sohu combined Tang film produced super network drama "2" Wu Xin the monster killer finish in Shanghai yesterday. The drama producer Cai Yinong, Li Guoli served as director of the system, shot by Patrick Yau served as general director, Li Gongle, Huang Xiaoying, director Li Yichong, screenwriter Xu Ziyuan. Gathered Han Dongjun, Chen Yao,, Wang Yanlin, Mike, Wang Yinuo, Gao Taiyu and many other actors. With the fixing, the film side also continue to send sugar, exposure more than new stills, several characters Qi Liangxiang, rich scene not only exquisite books, a cliffhanger story is ran out. The protagonist of the debut mystery onmyouji debut multi scene exposure stills highlight the exquisite texture of the exposure of the information is not small, no (Han Dongjun ornaments) trapped cobweb, Ding cat (Chen Yaoshi) domineering chuxun, Su Tao (Li Landi) anxious, Gu Ji (Wang Yanlin ornaments) and a good gay friend…… Nine images from each one is full of the story, let the big open hole in the brain. It is worth mentioning is that the mysterious Japanese onmyoji Bai Chuan Lin (Gao Taiyu) is the official debut, he and white glazed (Mike) sitting on both sides, in the upcoming battle mage. White glass is still the ancient style is different, he will set up more hair, grace. White Sichuan Rin is the traditional Japanese onmyoji dress, smiling, full of mystery. The abandoned factory, alley, courtyard, mysterious method…… Different scenes are the same exquisite, the fine quality of the play is evident. The exhibition beautiful flesh Chen Yao Han masculine cast kuzhongzuole insisted on shooting love sport Han Dongjun good figure in the photo accentuates, tight abs are very eye-catching. Beautiful body is full of benefits. This season playing a male role in Chen Yao Ding cat, Chen Yao not only the image to "man", is from several actors, learning experience, as the shooting, we can not help but sigh Chen Yaozhen is more and more handsome, masculine. Since the beginning of the play in Jiaxing in August after the boot, the crew had to endure the heat shooting, especially to shoot the scenes of the winter, the actors are not a small test. In addition we often coat outside, inside the clothes were soaked to the skin, makeup is also very easy to spend makeup, very hard. Although the end of September the crew from Jiaxing to Shanghai, but did not expect the October Shanghai showers continued, especially late often encountered heavy rain, but this did not affect everyone full of enthusiasm, the crew was still started, such as an abandoned factory play, because just under the rain, so a lot of ground water, the crew side pumped continue shooting. It is with all the staff work hard, "2" Wu Xin the monster killer can be so smooth fixing. "2" Wu Xin the monster killer has entered the intense post production stage, is expected to meet with the audience next year. TV series "2" Wu Xin the monster killer second trailer Wang Yan Su and Han Dongjun continued qiannianzhilian >相关的主题文章: