15, SMG super Betfair index flat UAE hot and cold noreply

15, SMG super Betfair index: hot and cold flat UAE spdex super index SMG 004 Syria (main) VS Iran Asia World pre ten finals fifth round of group A, November 5th 20. Position in Syria against Iran, the two teams played 6 games three wins and three draws the visiting team unbeaten, but it is N years ago what has no reference value. The group phase in 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative results, with 4 points ranked fourth in the national war playing like this is not easy. A few days ago in the friendship tournament, the 2 – 0 win over Singapore, harvest victory. The visiting team is currently unbeaten in 3 wins and 1 draws, with 10 points at the top of the group, and the situation is excellent. Nearly ten games harvest 8 wins and 2 draws, the winning rate was 80%. Super network index showed that 17-25-58 index early capital market to clear in the guest. Betfair standard disc turnover in more than 250 thousand spot could be close to one million. The guest turnover in early trading accounted for more than 84% Betfair, and can simulate the way from 46 down to 24 of the reasonable range of space. Kelly 42-22-3 and his obvious variance win draw apart. From yesterday to 5 at the beginning of cold draw and found into the anxiety index. As to the guest spot financing does not increase significantly and the thermal simulation index was opened, the guest should run smoothly. However, the home team is a country that was baptized in the war, fighting spirit is very strong, anti flat. The winner of the competition: first choice, negative election, flat spdex super index competition 006 UAE UAE (main) VS Iraq world pre match ten group B fifth round, November 5th 23:20. United Arab Emirates UAE at home against Iraq, the two teams played 5 games, the home team 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, of which home 1 wins, 1 draws, 1 losses slightly prevailed. The twelve first round than the 2 to 1 Asian traditional teams upset victory over Japan, let a person shine at the moment, now the 4 round group stage cruised the UAE 2 wins and 2 negative results, the team performance is acceptable. Saudi Arabia lost 0 to 3 on the previous round. The visiting team won 4 to 0 victory over Thailand, winning the first victory in the 12 strong match and stopping the losing streak in the previous round. A few days ago in a friendly at the harvest is only a 0 – 0 draw, the visible away fighting co.. Super net index index obviously favored by the funds to display 88-9-3 morning found the. Betfair standard disc turnover in more than 330 thousand future spot may exceed million. Found in the early index of up to 88 of the cases, the simulation profit is as high as 86 was standing above the warning line. Hot and cold – draw index has been in the anxious state, there is no obvious variance Kelly opened. The listing index is also in negative numbers. As to face his profit and loss simulation did not significantly decrease, and no obvious variance index and Kelly pull, draw out the most promising. SMG recommended: flat flat first author: win the election for the spdex super index above two fat net early reminder, due to turnover peak, more details please pay attention to the spot data, such as on larger variables may affect the results of the pre.

15日竞彩超级必发:冷热指数看平阿联酋   spdex超级指数   竞彩004 叙利亚(主)VS伊朗   世亚预十强赛A组第五轮,11月5日20点。叙利亚中立场迎战伊朗,两队交手过6场客队三胜三平保持不败,可那都是N多年前的事了已没有什么参考价值了。主队小组赛中取得1胜1平2负成绩,积4分排名第4位战争中的国家踢成这样实属不易。前几日在友谊赛事中,主队2比0轻取新加坡,收获胜仗。客队目前以3胜1平不败成绩,积10分排名小组榜首位置,出线形势大好。近十场比赛收获8胜2平成绩,赢盘率达80%。   超级指数网必发指数显示17-25-58早盘资本市场以明显在客胜。必发标盘成交量在25万多临场可能接近百万。客胜在早盘必发成交比例占84%之多,可模拟盈亏从46一路下降至24的合理空间范围。凯利方差42-22-3客胜与平局主胜明显拉开。从昨天5点开始冷热指数平局和主胜进入焦灼。如到临场客胜模拟盈亏没有明显上升且冷热指数也明显拉开,客胜应该顺利跑出。不过主队是在战争中洗礼的国家,战斗精神十分强烈防个平。   竞彩胜负平推荐:首选负 次选平   spdex超级指数   竞彩006 阿联酋UAE(主)VS伊拉克   世亚预十强赛B组第五轮,11月5日23点20分。阿联酋UAE主场迎战伊拉克,两队交手5场比赛,主队2胜2平1负,其中主场1胜1平1负略占上风。主队十二强赛首轮以2比1爆冷击败亚洲传统强队日本,让人眼前一亮,如今4轮分组赛战罢阿联酋取得2胜2负的成绩,球队表现尚可。上轮客场沙特阿拉伯以0比3落败。客队上轮4比0大胜泰国,取得12强赛的首场胜利,也止住了前面轮比赛的连败势头。在前几日友谊赛中客战约旦仅收获一场0比0的平局,可见客队客场战斗力有限。   超级指数网必发指数显示88-9-3早盘主胜以受到资金的明显青睐。必发标盘成交量在33万多未来临场可能突破百万。主胜在早盘必发指数高达88的情况下,模拟盈亏也高达86明显站在警戒线之上。冷热指数平局主胜一直处于焦灼状态,凯利方差也没有明显拉开。挂牌指数平局也在负数区域。如到临场主胜模拟盈亏还是没有明显下降,冷热指数和凯利方差没有明显拉开,平局打出最为看好。   竞彩胜负平推荐:首选平 次选胜   作者:二胖   以上为spdex超级指数网早盘提醒,由于未到成交高峰期,更多细节请关注临场数据,如临场出现较大变数,可能影响对结果的预测。相关的主题文章: