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13 – 0 + two straight Malone next Guoping king? Fan Zhendong has show he is a king of the kingdom? + sports reporter Xie Wei reported Beijing time on November 12th, the men’s Team Table Tennis Super ninth round of full-scale war, Shandong Wei bridge in the home court against the Bayi big business. Because the two teams will is now the hottest Grand Slam winner Malone and Fan Zhendong after the 97 supernova, so this game a spectacular. In this year Zhang Jike did not play table tennis super case, Malone and Fan Zhendong play can be said to be the world’s highest level of Nanping contest. The Malone and Fan Zhendong mars hit the earth contest was arranged in fourth games, three games in Shandong Wei bridge 2-1 series lead, Fan Zhendong can be said that there is no way out. Because two of the club this year have not yet lost, maintained a 100% chance of winning, so this game is also seen as a key battle of the two teams compete for Table Tennis Super integral top. Malone and Fan Zhendong had previously played 9 times, the top 1 wins and losses of the negative ahead of the game, the only time lost to the Olympic Games after the opening of the China open in the final of the Olympic Games in the world cup, the first time in the world cup in China, the world cup is the first time after the Olympic Games in China, the world cup, the Chinese Open final, the Olympic Games in the world cup after the Olympic Games, the. Today, after the opening of Fan Zhendong gave Malone a first set up by surprise, leading 6-0 Malone, to 11-3 easily won the first game; Malone secures the position behind the steady, won two games; the fourth game of Malone start to lead 5-0, commentary that the outcome of the game even when no much suspense, Fan Zhendong began the Jedi reversal, reversal of 11-9 won the 4 game, grab seven 3 match point in 0-3 and 3-6. Save the backward situation, the final 10-8 win over big brother Malone, made of Malone’s two game winning streak, winning the club hope to retain. Throughout the match, Fan Zhendong’s heart brighten, fourth 0-5 and face the tiebreaker match point, 19 year old Fan Zhendong firmly impact Malone’s forehand long, without mercy. Especially the decider, Fan Zhendong two times to get the inventory after Malone served out after the third count also dare to continue to fight and eventually winning hit, Fan Zhendong can be seen strong psychological adjustment ability. After the game, Fan Zhendong champion with 13 wins and 0 negative results in Table Tennis Super personal winning list, and he had tied the first Malone to 12 wins and 2 losses record relegated to second place. On the Table Tennis Super League season, Fan Zhendong to score 24 straight victories broke Malone’s 2012 season record of 23 wins record, Fan Zhendong played so well in the league matches in the Olympic team have also made a lot of table tennis fans shouted. Travel to Rio Fan Zhendong said after the match, learned a lot, then in the China Open final victory over the Olympic champion Malone won the championship, and defeated Xu Xin in the World Cup finals, winning his first three singles competition champion, won the two Olympic team, Fan Zhendong also indirectly proved himself. According to the current trend continues, Fan Zhendong will be more close to the next king Guoping position, he should do now is to stop, to polish his. The new campus sports sports + forces and influential man contest has started, welcome to download sports + entries more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: