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12 year old girl was abducted for check – Inner Mongolia channel — people.com.cn ^ girl in a male and a female escorted to the hospital. The doctors doubt of her age, a question mark in the medical record. The police informed the girl for foreign language people escort jingfangxingju recently, a message in the circle of friends and micro-blog on the morning of October 4th, crazy pass: a young girl looks in a man and a woman escorted to Xuzhou central hospital to do a pregnancy test, the hospital suspected underage girls, and are likely to be abducted, so alarm. In October 7th, the Xuzhou police, after investigation, the initial recognition of the girls are foreigners, is abducted. Xuzhou woman accompanied by a doctor Xiemou suspicion of the crime of trafficking in women and children, have been detained according to law. At noon on October 4th, Xuzhou City Quanshan Kuishan station received the alarm, said at the Xuzhou Central Hospital, a 12 year old girl to do prenatal examination in a man and a woman accompanied by suspected the girl was abducted. Because the doctors found that the little girl is indeed pregnant, medical images also show that the equivalent of 12 weeks of pregnancy. The girl looks too small, as has not developed, and accompanied by the men and women of the 20 year old does not match (small map). The admissions process is always two, a middle-aged man instead of girls in the side of the doctor and the doctor, the registration information to the girl, in the report of age column made a mark, while trying to do further understanding. Subsequently, the doctor that accompanied the middle-aged woman to wait outside, and the girl alone to communicate, girl slurred speech, after repeated communication, know about girls from remote regions of Southwest China, no documents to confirm her identity. At this time, waiting in the treatment area in front of the couple said they were shouting, is to do a pregnancy test, the hospital to do it, ask so much? The man claims to have bombed the hospital. The hospital was strange, so the alarm. After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene to understand the situation, and the related parties brought to the police station for further processing. Because of the language barrier, the police brought in a translation, after the exchange, confirmed that the girl really for foreign; and the girl to the hospital to do a pregnancy test of the more than and 40 year old man, who is Copper Mt. District of Xuzhou City, who is also suspected of crime of trafficking in women and children. That night, the police will transfer this clue to Quanshan territorial jurisdiction of the Copper Mt. police. After the investigation of the girl’s identity, to Xuzhou after, and accompanied the check man relationship. The Xuzhou Copper Mt. police initially confirmed that the girl was abducted, accompanied by pregnant women suspected of a crime. In October 5th, the police official investigation, and the alleged crime of trafficking in women and children of the suspect Xiemou (female, 47 years old) and suspected of buying abducted women and children crime suspect Liu Mou (male, 35 years old) summoned review. In October 7th, Xuzhou Copper Mt. police, Xiemou suspicion of crime of trafficking in women and children were under criminal detention according to law. Currently, the case is still under investigation in detail. News links – teenage pregnancy who is responsible? 1, if the man under the age of fourteen, regardless of whether the woman is voluntary, because the man does not meet the "punishment"相关的主题文章: