1+1+1! The advent of the third nuclear Manchester turned blaze 1 hard version of Silva-ghost observer

1+1+1! The advent of the third nuclear Manchester turned blaze 1 hard version of Silva gundogan celebrates sina sports not only made his Champions League debut after the Premier League career, gundogan has also ushered in a perfect start. The Premier League debut, first, first hand the ball together, the Germans is over to complete the task. It can be said that the injury of gundogan in the most comfortable position to integrate into the team, to play the "midfielder" role. If Silva and de Blau Hei are the team duo, melon ora for blue moon successfully found the third nuclear, add new impetus to the team. In this game, de Blau Hei Stryn and Sheikh Nacho composed of Manchester "Trident" in front of a big kill four, gundogan has played a very important role in the act as a go-between. The Germans the game’s passing success rate as high as 93.1%, he penetrated in the front left main drive pass, Manchester City’s offensive rhythm. Four players scored for Manchester City but gundogan the most amazing moment or in the second half 66 minutes. De Blau Hei planned an offensive, transfer the ball from the left right after the road, Tintin Zhise, gundogan accelerated forward a lightweight shot, the ball crossed the goalkeeper easily into the net, 4-0, gundogan scored a goal for Manchester City win. Well he was down for seventy-second minutes. Gundogan in the Bundesliga period more defensive midfielder, but came to the city, the transformation of the role of the Guardiola attack him quite successful. A Champions League game against Borussia gundogan, after the interview expressed the hope to continue to serve as the attacking midfielder. Indeed, gundogan made up Silva left with regret, he and de Blau Hei increased in control in front of the city. In this game the blue moon again break miraculous harvest, gundogan in which contributed. Gundogan active front earlier at Bayern, Guardiola appreciate gundogan, praised his "play is full of wisdom, is an amazing player." Due to an accident injury in May, gundogan not only missed the European Cup, there are nearly 4 months to play. When Guardiola cost 22 million 950 thousand pounds to introduce German playmaker, many fans are worried about when he can play. But in fact, gundogan "criterionsingle blockbuster", long time absence seems to have little effect on the pitch he, the Germans soon found a state, playing well. It is worth mentioning that the transfer fee and Pogba gundogan the Commission to be roughly the same. Pogba’s agent, Raiola, has been able to earn a about 20000000 Commission in the summer by relying on the Frenchman’s move to Manchester united. But gundogan and Pogba show how fans will have their own views. Gundogan himself in social media when it comes to celebrate the goal gundogan anecdotes, he can talk and link. Manchester City at the beginning of the June signing of the Germans, because his name "Gundogan" in accordance with the Chinese pronunciation translation should be "Guo Degang", so the city administrative micro-blog used the stem, as gundogan headshot "with the text said: I am not Guo Degang’s first summer signing". People always seem to care about China相关的主题文章: