11 why can’t you help buy buy buy pleasure to eat, go to bed mide-031

11 why can not help you buy buy buy: pleasure, such as a meal to go to bed in November 11th, a very ordinary day, the success of the business has become a national shopping carnival. In the past the "double 11", whether you have joined or buy buy buy legion, is already listed a long shopping list, calmly in each big website or harvest good heart; side vowed to buy the chop hands, while crazy with a shopping cart or boiled red eyes; that night, trained in Mouse Combo Dafa, again and then buy seckill…… buy this thing in the end what is the temptation to let the people so happy but not tired? Do you remember the joy of having the first designer clothes, the first watch, the first laptop, the first cell phone? Purchase itself is a pleasant thing, bring their own happiness attributes. Buy what is not important, it is important to buy this process, the purchase will give us a sense of satisfaction on the resources, indicating that I can afford, I can have, I have the ability to self satisfied". The access to resources and meet the biologically, will stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain secrete, can make people feel happy and pleasure of the neurotransmitter dopamine, bring us pleasure. This pleasure, as well as the pleasure of food, sex, and psychoactive substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.), comes from the same reward circuit. Soothing anxiety can be like eating, watching a play, playing games, can be transferred through the attention and self comfort to help ease anxiety, emotional catharsis. From the physiological mechanism of anxiety, anxiety will drive people to initiate behavior, when the behavior is initiated, the anxiety will be properly alleviated. For most women, shopping has become a quick and effective way to soothe the mood, bad mood, pick up the phone brush, anytime, anywhere to complete the buy buy buy. Shopping is not only to ease anxiety, but also to ease the work of depression, the backlog of anger and sense of emptiness. Working so hard, consumer reward, especially for wage earners, when shopping, can feel the meaning of money, feel the fresh sense of existence. Not all of the work, feeling unhappy, dissatisfied with the boss being hollowed out, looked at the purchasing power to buy reflects the buy, buy buy buy at be stimulated the desire for work, trouble and have a new impetus to the response. Perhaps from childhood not satisfied if emotional comfort is temporary, the situation, then based on the need for self-esteem to buy buy buy, is a can be traced back to early childhood, stable, character level deep desire. Clothes control, bag control, cell phone control, etc., usually there will be a not fully satisfied with the childhood, whether it is physical or emotional. This lack of individual will have a desire to read the missing things, grow up in a variety of ways from my satisfaction. From the psychological point of view, these people do not buy things, they have become a part of their things, only with these material things, the self is confident, valuable, loved. However, the outward search for something that is not filled with the lack of an early age, such as a black hole, is what people need to do.相关的主题文章: