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10+7! The Rockets bench that Dekker first 90 seconds to play 9-0- sports Sohu > > data point shooting record hot friends whistle, the ball wear Network — such a wonderful scene seems to be Sam Dekker’s best award, November 10th Beijing time this evening, Dekker in Sanantonio 5 investment 4 scored 10 points and 7 rebounds performance, the rocket is on the road to a 101-99 victory over the spurs. In fact, Sam Dekker is just one of the second grade students last year, with the hands of the first round of the No. 18 pick to select him Morey, but he was not in his rookie season to get too many opportunities — even in the Morey opinion, student at the University of Wisconsin has a good speed and precision of 3 points projection. Fortunately, the Rockets coach replaced DAntoni, so Dekker’s chance to just 3 appearances last season, Dekker in the garbage time, this season has become one of the important members of the team line-up in the rotation. The opportunity is always left to those who are prepared, Dekker seems to understand this truth, and the Spurs game is his best performance opportunities, he caught! His performance began with 3 minutes left in the first quarter, when the Rockets were only 20-18 ahead of the spurs. 3 minutes and 06 seconds left in the first quarter, he assists Gordon jumper just to show up since then, after 30 seconds, he would use their speed at large pieces of advantage break layup, and after 30 seconds, he received the Gordon assists to hit 3 points, and 1 points with 31 seconds left in the first quarter. Dekker received harden’s assists stolen fast break points — 29-18, within just 1 minutes of time, Dekker directed a 9-0 climax, this section of his 3 shots hit all. Obviously, the first section of the Dekker high performance has also been recognized by DAntoni, the second day he got early appearances, and Dekker in the first quarter in addition to 7 contribution, his rebounding ability also let the team trust, to know in midfield before the end, Dekker in 12 minutes to become the team’s rebounding — half 6 rebounds! What happens next is the buzzer 3 points, then harden Title pieces into the disease, he drew all the Spurs defender’s attention, while Dekker chose to fall on the other side of the 45 degree angle from 3, of all people, harden the choice of music trust Dekker, Dekker finally did not live up to the team the chiefs of the trust, a hand hit 3 points! At the end of the game, Dekker scored 10 points and a total of 6 rebounds in his 5 game of 4. Although Dekker was not as good as the first half in the second half chance, but he is still a rocket on the bench to play the best that he, after the third day he successfully steals Aldridge, and the fourth key section, when the offensive team can not open the case, it is a breakthrough of Dekker attracted three people double, after his passing to help Capet pull station on the line, the latter 2 penalty 1. Although at the end of the game, Dekker did not appear in the squad, but he is still in the game相关的主题文章: